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English and Foreign Languages Program

The program aims to enhance language-and communication-related skills to ensure that our students and thus our graduates are well-equipped with adequate communicative competence for successful completion of their international degrees and for their future success in the work fields.

If you have any inquiries, please send an email to languages@ait.asia.

English Courses

The Bridging program is an immersion program aiming to help incoming students to transition into the international and English-medium education at AIT. The program provides 3 main areas of training through talk-based and task-based approaches of teaching:

    • Academic English
    • Research skills
    • Intercultural communication skills


This course is designed to help you improve your sentence structures and academic text structures. You will be introduced to various academic language patterns and vocabulary which will be useful for your study at AIT. In this course, you will learn to analyze paragraphs, skim articles for main ideas and scan them for specific information in order to help you build well-written paragraphs. You will develop your academic writing and editing skills to improve your own writing. You will also learn how to examine cause-effect relationships in order to develop your own ideas for cause-effect academic papers. 


In this course, you will further improve your writing from feedback provided by your instructor. You will learn to analyze your own writing and to identify and correct errors. You will work to improve the quality of your arguments so that you can produce well-organized academic texts that are clear from start to finish. You will also learn how to write a problem-solution essay by using strategies on how to study a topic from different angles.

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