Research Support Program


The program aims to support students in the research process focusing primarily on the completion of their master’s thesis or dissertation, with the following specific objectives:

1. Assist students in developing and enhancing their learning through subject-based research and inquiry.

2. Provide pedagogical guidance to students’ engagement in research.

Emphasis is made on high-level thinking skills wherein students critically examine the works of others, synthesize and organize ideas from various sources, plan their fieldwork and laboratory experiments, and write reports.

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Semester and Inter-Semester Courses

    • Thesis Proposal Writing
    • Writing up your Master’s Thesis or Dissertation
    • Writing an Effective Journal Article

Special Courses

  • Research Communication
  • Processing your Data Through SPSS and Excel
  • Conducting Field Research (for SERD and SOM students)
  • Research Methods for Engineers


  • Write your research reports following the APA Style Guide
  • Ethical Standards and Procedures for Research
  • Creating a Better Project Proposal for Funding

Research Forum

This is a platform for students to present their ongoing research, exchange ideas about a scientific topic or particular research area, and obtain feedback from others.  Specific dates for each discipline or program will be posted here on a regular basis. Registration is FREE. Students are expected to submit a summary of their work prior to registration.