1) What is the free English Entry Test [EET] Voucher?

a) EET is an in-house English proficiency test offered to applicants who previously attended one of the AIT Roadshows* including the breakout session.

The test fee of 1,000 Baht is waived in this case after the applicant has completed the AIT online application. You can avail of free EET voucher but not a refund.

b) The test assesses the applicant’s academic essay writing skills with a duration of 60 minutes. The writing score is given on a scale of 1 to 9.

c) As with all English proficiency tests, plagiarism is taken seriously at AIT. There are serious consequences for those who plagiarize or copy and paste their answer from online sources.

*Note:  The roadshows are designed to provide all the necessary information about AIT, its degree programs, and the application process. In case you need further details about our AIT Roadshows, please contact the AIT Office of Public Affairs [opa@ait.asia].


2) What are the requirements of this free EET voucher?

a) The applicant needs to attend AIT Roadshows + breakout session during the event.

b) For the online roadshows, a Google form will be shared with all participants during the roadshow’s breakout session. The applicant should fill this out as instructed.

For the onsite roadshows, the participants must attend and check in at the event desk.

c) The last requirement is to fill out the online application form and pay THB800 for application processing fee.


3) How can I schedule my free EET?

The applicant need to send an email to LCTESTING@AIT.ASIA with the following details

    1. Full Name
    2. AIT application ID number
    3. CLEAR scanned copy of valid passport or national ID card (in English)