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Semester and Inter-Semester Courses

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Postgraduate students are expected to develop various skills in order to effectively fulfill the requirements of academic courses. This course helps students develop their confidence and competence in successfully carrying out a piece of written work or in presenting their assignments orally.  They are expected to complete a project in this course while performing all the tasks and exercises provided in each session. The project requires students to choose a title and decide on the focus with adequate support in planning and writing the project. 

This course is especially useful for students who are still unsure of writing a master’s thesis but needs help in carrying out academic writing activities such as writing a report or a special study.  To achieve our goal of Zero Waste, all materials will be available online using Moodle.

25 June – 6 August 2020, Thursday, 13:00-15:00 pm, Total 7 weeks,
Instructor: Dr. Mary Rose



Finding information and formulating relevant research questions are the first step in the complex process of research writing. Students will learn how to choose a topic, specify the focus of their research, develop the research questions and identify the key concepts that are essential in their planned research.   Online discussions and peer reviews will also be incorporated using Moodle.  This will provide students with the opportunity to discuss their writing, get feedback, and contribute their views and resources to others. Every student will obtain the necessary support in drafting the three chapters required in a thesis proposal; namely, the introduction, literature review and research methodology.  Graduating students will also receive enough assistance in finishing the remaining chapters of their thesis.

In order to accommodate all students at different points in their research writing process, the course is further divided into two main sections: Proposal Writing and Writing the Final Chapters.

Thesis Writing

The course is for students who are in the advanced stage of their research.

24 June – 5 August 2020, Wednesday 10:00-12:00, Total 7 weeks,
Lecturer: Dr. Mary Rose



 Proposal Writing  

The course is for:

    1. first-semester students who passed the English requirement and 
    2. ALL 2nd and 3rd-semester students.

Writing the Final Chapters  

The course is for students who are in the process of writing the results and discussion sections.

To achieve our goal of Zero Waste, all materials will be available online using Moodle.


Postgraduate students are provided with a step-by-step guide on how to prepare high-quality papers that is publishable in scientific journals.  This course also emphasizes the importance of scholarly publications for promotion and career development.

24 June – 5 August 2020, Wednesday 15:00-17:00 pm, total 7 weeks
Instructor: Dr. Mary Rose