The LC page on thesis writing has been updated to reflect the new APA Publication Manual (7th ed.). Before you start, make sure that you know how to format the different sections of your thesis or research report using a word-processing software such as Microsoft Word.  Take note of the following important reminders to help you in formatting your work.

The format and style of your thesis should also meet the requirements of your field and the needs of your committee members.

  1. Do not create the TABLE OF CONTENTS, LIST OF FIGURES and LIST OF TABLES until you finish the last page of your thesis and pagination.
  2. All MAJOR/CHAPTER headings must be typed in all caps, bolded and centered on the page.
  3. Secondary headings (e.g., Background of the Study) should be in bold and the first letter of each word capitalized.
  4. Maintain correct document margins throughout your thesis: 1” for top, bottom and right, 1.5” for the left margin. Page numbers: bottom center, on the footer.  Paper Size: A4
  5. Oversized tables must be split into two or more parts. Write the Table Title on the first page, below the Table number, and in the succeeding page/s, copy the first-row headings. For a figure that goes on for 2 or more pages:

Write the Figure number and (continued) above the figure on the next page/s. 

  1. A description or commentary should be written above the figure or table. Additional descriptions or commentaries can be written below the table or figure. The description or commentary should be written as close as possible to the figure or table being described.
  2. In Chapter 2, ideas from various sources can be summarized in a tabular form, BUT these must be discussed or explained in a paragraph form. Minimize the use of tables when presenting ideas of various authors in Chapter 2. 
  3. All paragraphs must have a topic sentence, main supporting sentences and details, and must consist of at least four (4) sentences. Long paragraphs that have 7 or more sentences must be split into two paragraphs—include the main features of a paragraph.
  4. All chapters except Chapter 1 must include an introductory paragraph/s and a chapter summary.
  5. Vocabulary

Use appropriate words and phrases that are acceptable to writers, editors and scholars in your field.

  1. Submit your final draft to the Program Secretary for formatting check.

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