For staff

Basic Listening Skills for Meetings


The workshop aims to help staff members who wish to improve their listening skills during meetings. It is a practicum which means during the workshop, participants will learn to be active listeners through various listening exercises. The workshop also focuses on extending speaking skills to improve participants’ confidence when using English. The listening and speaking practice in the workshop will also provide participants with opportunities for language skill development including sentence structures, pronunciation and vocabulary. 


Fee: free of charge

Duration:   4 hours per week / 3 weeks 

No. of Participants:   12




Minutes-Writing and Note-Taking

The workshop aims to improve note-taking and minutes-writing skills which, without a doubt, are some of the most important skills in workplaces. The workshop starts by discussing various methods of note-taking and information-documenting during meetings. The workshop then focuses on how to create effective meeting minutes. Participants will have a lot of opportunities for writing practice and will receive one-on-one feedback on their writing. 

Fee: free of charge

Duration:   4 hours per week / 3 weeks 

No. of Participants:   10



Advising on Pronunciation, Speaking and Writing

These one-on-one advising sessions help diagnose problem areas in pronunciation and speaking styles, or in writing to help improve your English communication and to help you gain confidence when using English. 

If you seek advice on writing, please bring a writing sample with you to the advising session.

Fee: free of charge

Duration: 15 to 30 minutes / by appointment only

To make an appointment, please email us at two working days before the preferred time-slot. 

To cancel an appointment, please let us know via email 1 working day before the appointment.