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For students

  • Let’s TALK Research Workshop
    • The workshop aims to help students practice ‘talking’ about their research interest and their thesis in a relaxed and friendly environment. Students will learn to adjust their research communication to the audience which will include students from various fields of study. This can help them improve their communication as a researcher who normally communicates research details to not only research colleagues but also to the private sector and the general public. By having more opportunity to talk about their research interest and their thesis in English, students’ research writing skills will also be improved as they train themselves to think about their thesis in English in contexts other than writing it. 
    • The workshop has been designed to help students more effectively explain their knowledge and research in a more logical and audience-friendly way. These communication skills are crucial especially when researchers need to pitch their ideas and research projects to potential investors who may not share the same academic background.

                 Check out some clips from the workshop here.

                 Duration: 8 hours 

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  • Presentation Skills for Thesis Defenses

    • The workshop aims to provide tips and tricks, useful language patterns and practice for effective thesis defenses.
    • Students will learn to
      • organize the content logically,
      • prepare the scripts, and
      • use vocal control to effectively deliver the thesis.
    • Each student will have an opportunity to work on their actual thesis presentation, practice giving the thesis presentation in the workshop and receive feedback from the instructor.
    • Note that in order to ensure most effective learning experience, students should already be working on their thesis presentation when joining the workshop.

      Duration 15 hours (5 three-hour sessions)


  • Intercultural Awareness and Communication
    • Given the multicultural environment of AIT and the increasingly multicultural nature of workplaces around the world, intercultural or cross-cultural competence has become an important professional asset that can guarantee success in both the pursuing of international education and moving up the career ladder in the future.

    • This workshop provides fundamental knowledge of how culture can both enhance and interfere with communication. The workshop is conducted through discussions, reflections, experience sharing and practical activities to help participants become more competent interculturally.

      Duration: 10 hours


  •  Effective Public Speaking
    • The workshop aims to raise confidence and improve delivery in public speaking situations, be they thesis defenses, academic conference presentations or public speeches. Participants will develop and practice various delivery techniques using voice movement and body language.

    • The workshop also focuses on the English sounds and intonation, and provide pronunciation practice to improve delivery. 

    • Note that participants should already have a ready-to-use presentation when joining the workshop. 

      Duration: 10 hours