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Students with English scores of 5.0 and 5.5 are required to attend mandatory English writing courses.

  • Score 5.0    EL15 course [English Composition]
  • Score 5.5    EL19 course [Academic and Technical Writing]

Students must pass the EL19 course to fulfill the English language requirements for graduation. 

Students can also drop the EL classes completely and submit the academic IELTS writing score of 6.0 or higher to the Language Center. In this latter case, such students will not be required to take EL classes. A memo signed by an advisor, stating this request, is also needed.

EL15 course is designed to help improve sentence structures and academic text structures. Students will learn to analyze paragraphs, skim articles for main ideas and scan them for specific information in order to build well-written paragraphs. Students will learn how to examine cause-effect relationships in order to develop ideas for cause-effect academic papers. 

EL19 course is designed to help further improve academic writing from feedback. Students will learn to analyze their own writing and to identify and correct errors. Students will work to improve the quality of their arguments so that they can produce well-organized academic texts that are clear from start to finish. Students will also learn how to write a problem-solution essay by using strategies on how to study a topic from different angles.

2024 August semester

The registration starts on 7 – 20 August 2024.

The English classes will start from 26 August – 7 November 2024.

Read the course Requirement before you register.
  • All classes will be conducted onsite at the Language Center.
  • EL students are not allowed to change their EL class times after the first 2 weeks of classes.
  • Students must register in and attend one time slot in Session A [Monday or Tuesday] and another time slot in Session B [Wednesday or Thursday] for a total of 3 hours per week. The maximum class size is 20 students.
  • Students must attend at least 80% of the total 30 hours. You can miss 4 classes in total.
  • Students must take the EL exam on 6-7 November 2024.  If you miss it, your will automatically receive a (I) grade as incomplete. The score from this exam will be the basis of a ‘PASS’ (P) or ‘INCOMPLETE’ (I) grade.

EL Course Fee: THB 3,000 [one-time flat fee for new students]

How to pay for your EL course fee?

  1. The EL course invoice will be uploaded to your SIS account 2 weeks after the deadline of EL registration.
  2. You can pay the fee at the AIT Cashier by informing them your student ID number
  3. You can also pay by bank transfer or credit card. And, contact the AIT Cashier after you pay the fee. You need to provide them with your student ID number and proof of payment so they can clear the EL course fee amount on your SIS account.
  4. The late payment interest may be applied if you do not pay within 30 days.


  • Current Account number: 468-046301-2 [international transfer]
  • Saving account number: 405-999567-0 [local transfer]
  • Bank Name: Siam Commercial Bank Pcl., Ltd.
  • Bank Branch: Thammasat University Hospital
  • Branch Address: 95 Moo 8, Klong Nueng, Klong Luang, Pathumthani 12120 Thailand
  • Swift Code: SICOTHBK
  • Message to Beneficiary: EL Course Fee
  • You must pay for any service charge or transaction fee separately.