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This guide is not meant to replace published manuals of style. It provides only guidelines on matters of layout and style with which thesis writers at AIT often have questions or difficulty. Layout refers to the “look” of a page and concerns such matters as margins, font and line spacing. I think there is general agreement that there should be some uniformity in the overall ‘surface’ appearance of an AIT thesis. Style concerns matters such as capitalization, use of abbreviations, punctuation and referencing systems. Here, I think uniformity is less of an issue. If faculty are familiar with, or choose to follow, a manual of style commonly used in their field, a thesis provides an excellent opportunity for students to become acquainted with its conventions.

Since the last revision of this Guide (1996), electronic media have become more used than print media in many fields of study. We advise you to consult the APA Publication Manualfirst for help with matters not covered in the AIT Style Guide. Copies of the APA are available in the reference section of the AIT Library and in the Language Center’s LRC.


In putting these guidelines together, Terry Clayton was assisted and supported by his colleagues at languages and a number of faculty from the Schools. Their comments, suggestions and careful proofreading were invaluable. In particular, we would like to thank the following who acted as the Revision Committee:

  • Dr. Lalit Johri, SOM
  • Dr. Nagendra N. Nagarur, IS/MSE
  • Dr. Stephen Ogunlana, SCE
  • Dr. Anila Sadananda, AS
  • Professor Robert D. Stueart, CLAIR

Thanks also to Dr. Roger Hawkey for a thorough proofing of the final draft and several valuable suggestions regarding layout.This revision represents the first major revamping of the AIT thesis guidelines in some time. It is hoped that readers will help us improve on it by commenting on any flaws or omissions they may find. Please keep in mind as you read that this is meant to be a ‘guide’ book not a ‘rule’ book.

Jon Shaw

Extension – Language Center
Asian Institute of Technology

Thailand 1996